Dave Roberts

6 Things You Didn't Know
About Dave Roberts

1. He once got a postcard from Björk.

Postcard from Bjork

See? There it is. Since it's written in Icelandic, he's not too sure what it says. According to an online high quality Icelandic to English translator, it's apparently something about "sitting army to subsidence perhaps."

2. He was once in a John Wayne film.

Brannigan John Wayne 1975

In Brannigan (1975), Wayne chases a baddie down the steps away from Pall Mall towards Buckingham Palace. In the lunchtime crowd is a 20-year old Dave wearing an orangey brown jacket, pointing and shouting "get him." Dave has never watched the film, fearing that he might have been overacting - or even worse, his big scene might have been cut.

3. He was on the jury to pick the UK's Eurovision song contest entry.

The year was 1981. The song chosen was Making Your Mind Up by Buck's Fizz, one of the UK's all-time Eurovision greats, which went on to win and sell over 4 million copies. Dave didn't vote for it, reasoning that it "wasn't particularly commercial."

4. He was on the cover of Big Issue.

The June 26, 2006 edition had, for some reason, an extract from e-luv on the cover. Dave bought 12 copies.

The Big Issue

5. He has a book on sale in Russia.

To the Russians, it is known as My Girlfriend Lives In the Network. To you, it is known as the Russian language translation of e-luv. His wife does not like the cover.

Russian e-luv

6. His first car lasted 5 minutes.

Dave's first car was a three-wheeler, a bit like the one Del Boy drove in Only Fools and Horses. Within a couple of minutes of driving it, Dave managed to take a corner too fast, perform a triple somersault and climb out of the wreckage unscathed. His passenger (another Dave) proudly took this photo.

Dave Roberts Sad Men

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